Start Investing In People

I saw an illustration from Gary Vaynerchuk the other day that really made me think. It is so easy to think of external factors that can benefit your business. Examples include advertising, social media and international markets. But the thing that very few companies look at is internal factors like their own team. Invest in your own team members, give them the tools to succeed and empower them and suddenly the sky is literally the limit.

There is an initiative in England called “Investors In People“. I only worked for two companies who were embracing this scheme (they had certificates hung up on the wall in the lobby) but I can safely say that they used this as a marketing tool to attract new recruits. It was a façade that masked the fact they only cared about the bottom line and you were effectively a cog in the machine. I don’t want to generalize as there a probably a lot of companies who are investors in people and get it right. Just be aware of any companies that sell this hard when you are interviewing.

It is very easy to focus solely on your customers and clients, shareholders or investors. But take your eye off your own people and your Empire will fall. Start investing in people today.

Listen to the podcast here.

start investing in people gary vaynerchuk


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