I have spent the last year reflecting on my 1st startup that I launched in the US in 2012. Uberpong was a custom ping pong paddle manufacturer and e-commerce business and I grew it into a global business in 2 years. I knew I wanted to help my followers and extended entrepreneurial community to be free and launch their own companies. The question was how to do this? I have blogged for a while and am on social media but the idea of launching an ebook just seemed right.

The book is in the design phase at the moment and instead of just self-publishing and hoping for the best, I thought it would be more fun to involve YOU. Here are the book cover design mockups. Simply go to The D Lowe Playbook Facebook Page and vote on your favorite designs. The ones with the most number of votes will be published. Here are the designs: 

startup book cover David Lowe

startup book design David Lowe

startup book design David Lowe

startup book design David Lowe

Which one is your favorite book cover? Vote HERE

Once published as an ebook and print on demand for hard copies, I will be launching the audiobook and Spanish versions. 

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